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The Deviant Designer: Danny Welsh's Revolutionary Take on Fashion

I've had the privilege of knowing Danny Welsh for some time now. Although in recent years, our interactions have mostly been digital cheerleading through social media, the admiration I've held for his unique artistry has remained constant. Behind the brand Suburban Deviant, Danny has redefined what it means to be a fashionist—driven, expressive, and nothing short of extraordinary.

An Artist of Many Layers

Danny's work isn't just about the surface; it delves deep into the existential realms of identity, gender, and expression. His art disrupts the traditional norms of fashion and art, often injecting his feelings of "agitation and alienation" into his pieces. Through the use of found objects, recycled materials, and synthetic fibers, he manifests his complex identity into tactile forms.

In the Studio with Danny

My time observing Danny work his magic in the studio, aided by the radiant Sara Campo, showed me that he's not just driven, but thoughtfully so. His unwavering intent was palpable, as he navigated the complexities of styling, photography, and videography with a meticulous yet creative lens.

More Than Garments

If you think you know fashion, prepare to think again. Danny's collections are philosophical statements rendered in fabric, thread and hardware. Through his exploratory and experimental approach, he transforms the mundane into wearable art, making the ordinary extraordinary.

Looking Ahead

Hot off the heels of our collaboration, Danny has been selected to showcase his latest collection at Fashion Art Toronto this coming November for their FW23 season. This isn't his first time on this stage, making his upcoming showcase all the more intriguing.

A Deeper Dive

Now, let's peel back the layers and get to know the artist who is shaking up the fashion world. Dive into our candid conversation with Danny Welsh and discover the ethos behind Suburban Deviant.


Can you tell us about the moment when you first realized that fashion and art were more than hobbies for you? What sparked that passion?

DW: My imagination has always been my greatest superpower. I am profoundly grateful to still be as imaginative as I was as a child!

Suburban Deviant stands out as a unique name. What's the story behind it, and how would you describe it in three words

DW: Reworked. Rebellious. Revolution.

What was the most important lesson you learned during your Master's program at OCAD University, and how has it shaped your approach to fashion?

DW: I am my own creation.

More broadly, what piece of feedback, whether positive or critical, had the most profound impact on your creative journey?

DW: Create the art you wish to see in the world.

Many people have creative ideas but struggle to actualize them. How do you go about translating your ideas into tangible creations?

DW: Exactly that, translate them into tangible creations; just create!

Where do you draw inspiration?

DW: I am a true sentimentalist. I find inspiration in nostalgia and pop culture iconography from my childhood of the 1990’s.

In the world of fashion, where many follow trends, traditions and norms. Are there any you’re respecting? Others where you’re pushing the boundaries and trying to be more original? DW: My artwork exists in the interdisciplinary intersection of art and fashion. I both respect and acknowledge traditional garment construction and methods while simultaneously using my artwork to move beyond the human form. I move beyond the human form through installation and performance artwork as seen at Fashion Art Toronto SS23 fashion week!

If you could go back to the beginning of your career, what advice would you give to yourself?

DW: Ask Santa for a sewing machine!

What's one item of clothing you'd never part with? DW: I have a Timex watch face that I have had for over a decade; it’s scratched and disheveled but it has experienced so many memories with me I could never part with it.

Favorite style trend?

DW: I am a Leo Rising so I am always in support of expressive hair!

For the aspiring style amateur - what’s the Best fashion/style tip to share?

DW: Express yourself with unwavering audacity!


The Final Cut: What’s Next for Suburban Deviant

What's next for Suburban Deviant? Danny has already given us a hint with this latest project: Collection 06, titled "Alter Ego," is set to showcase at Fashion Art Toronto FW23 fashion week. This isn't just another collection; it's an invitation to a profoundly transformative experience.

"Alter Ego explores the profound influence of fashion in molding an alternate state of identity," Danny reveals. "Each ensemble tells a story of dualities and hidden personas waiting to be unshackled. The collection beckons individuals to shatter the confines of conformity and embark on an expedition of artistic authenticity."

But that's not all. Danny's vision for Suburban Deviant extends beyond just the clothes we wear. His brand aims to "inspire hopeful and provocative change within art and fashion discourse." Whether through sustainable practices or through creating wearable artworks that challenge societal norms, Danny's future projects promise to be as groundbreaking as they are stylish. "Suburban Deviant is committed to ethical art production practices within our own confines and circumstances," he adds. "We view sustainability through resolution-oriented lenses and promise to work towards more sustainable methods of art production."

If Collection 06 is anything to go by, we can expect future works to continue pushing the boundaries of fashion, art, and identity. "It's an ode to shedding inhibitions and transcending societal norms, all while draped in the empowering embrace of style," Danny describes. With such a multi-faceted approach to art and fashion, Danny Welsh's future collections are bound to redefine our understanding of both.

In Conclusion

Danny's work is a poignant narrative of self-discovery, of art and fashion fused in the most meaningful way. As Danny himself articulates, his work is a platform for "masking, mutation, and self-making," a continuous dialogue between his ever-shifting identity and the world around him. If fashion is a language, then Danny Welsh is one of its most eloquent speakers.

Thank you, Danny, for letting us step into your vibrant world of Suburban Deviant. Your artistry fuels our imagination, leaving us excited for what’s next.

on set documentation: People of our world casting and styling: @pickledmouse

model: Sara Campo

fashion design: Suburban Deviant


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