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My name is Anuj Chaman

I am a London-based, Canadian-born photographer. My journey into photography began at the age of 12, using a cheap point-and-shoot camera for a school multimedia project. By high school, I embraced my role as the designated family photographer, and started developing my photographic style while travelling or roaming around the streets of Toronto, drawing inspiration from the late Henri-Cartier Bresson’s ability to capture the true essence of events.

I continued my exploration into my university years, delving into various photographic genres, including fashion, event, and nightlife photography. My evolved my lens into a powerful instrument for storytelling, allowing me to authentically document each moment with creativity and authenticity.

Today, my focus centers on personal projects rooted in street documentary photography, both in the vibrant streets of London and during my travels abroad. Embracing an editorial approach, I strive to capture the essence of everyday life in its purest form. Recently inspired by the masterful portraiture of the late Yousuf Karsh, I aim to convey the soul and attributes of my subjects, whether through a discreet approach I generally default to or a more deliberate composition working with people I meet as seen in my travel stories projects.

My work is driven by a desire to uncover the extraordinary within the ordinary, celebrating the beauty and intrigue found in seemingly mundane moments. With an acute eye for detail and a profound appreciation for the nuances of human experience, my photographs serve as portals into the soul of the world around me.

Through my lens, I invite viewers to embrace a fresh perspective, where every fleeting moment holds a captivating story waiting to be told.

Let's work together

IG: @anuj.chaman

Thanks for getting in touch.

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